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Alliance for Microfinance in Myanmar

Alliance responsibly offers a wide range of client-oriented financial services and financial education to unbanked entrepreneurs, particularly women entrepreneurs, to strengthen their businesses and family welfare.

Currently Alliance operates across 48 branches in Upper Myanmar and 81% of its clients are women.

Asian Credit Fund in Kazakhstan

ACF’s financial services are designed to promote the development of rural households, the growth of small businesses, and home ownership in cities and villages throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Currently ACF operates across 50 Offices in Kazakhstan and 80% of its clients are women.

Chamroeun Microfinance in Cambodia

Chamroeun provides financial services and socio-economic services to low-income entrepreneurial individuals and families, located in urban, sub-urban, and rural areas to enhance their well-being.


Currently Chamroeun operates across 22 branches in Cambodia and 81% of its clients are women.

Elet Capital in Kyrgyzstan

Elet Capital provides financial services to rural entrepreneurs to develop their businesses

Currently Elet Capital operates across 19 branches in Kyrgyzstan and 48% of its clients are women.

Kaebauk Investimentu no Finansas in Timor Leste

KIF provides micro-finance and other allied services for female entrepreneurs and other community members who have no access to formal financial services to improve their quality of life and empower women

Currently KIF operates across 20 branches in Timor Leste and 71% of its clients are women.

Pahal in India

Pahal provides microfinance services to the low-income households for income generating activities and help them become economically self-sufficient and bring qualitative change in their standard of living and their status in society

Currently Pahal operates across 144 branches in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar and Chhattisgarh states in India and 98% of its clients are women.

Sambandh in India

Sambandh offers customized lending and financing solutions to low-income and to those having little access to formal financial avenues, who use the credit to run small businesses, renovate their dwelling units and educate their children

Currently Sambandh operates across 100 branches in Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Gujarat in India and provide its services to only women clients

Thanh Hoa in Vietnam

Thanh Hoa provides financial and non financial services to the poor, low income households and microenterprises in Vietnam

Currently Thanh Hoa operates across 4 branches in North Vietnam and 90% of its clients are women.